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Mission & Vision

School Mission

To prepare all students for their continued academic and personal success.

To ensure student achievement through an environment of high expectations, collaboration, and commitment to character while preparing our scholars to be adaptive and productive citizens with solid foundation for future education and career readiness.

Our common vision is life long learning for the success of all students.

Shared Vision

We value, high expectations, interdependent relationships and shared leadership.

These are values to which we are committed.  We will achieve these values by:

  • Empowering and involving all stakeholders
  • Goal setting and data driven decisions
  • Collaborating with explicit communication
  • Addressing risk factors


PRIDE reminds us to be

Punctual - on time

Respectful -  sure that everyone matters to us

Independent Thinkers -  always thinking and doing what's right

Dressed for Success - in clean uniforms

Enthusiastic Learners - eager to learn

This helps all learners at Lincoln to do their best and be ready to learn in a safe, supportive atmosphere.

It is part of our Safe and Civil School plan.